We help you custom design your personal Advisory Board.

YES – We made it easy for you to join the trend of Small Businesses having an Advisory Board

We have personally selected & retained over 20 seasoned experts in various fields who can complement your strengths. We do all the coordinating & facilitating to make it easy for you.


  1. A simple phone will start the process of creating your own personal Advisory Board
  2. Together we will select the right experts & areas based on your needs & budget
    • Organizational Development
    • Financials
    • Human Capital
    • Sales
    • Marketing
    • Business Automation & Processes
  3. …and we get started, it is that simple!


  1. You can select a one-time session or multiple
  2. Flexible session scheduling: Monthly; Quarterly; Semi-Annual; Annually
  3. The sessions typically run from 9:00am – Noon


  1. Fact: Smart business decisions are based on good or better data
  2. Advisory Boards have proven to be a great ROI for centuries
  3. We made finding, selecting and affording unbiased seasoned advisors easy & affordable

What should you do now? Call us at 440-552-6599 to learn more and get started right away! Imagine having a personal trusted sounding board, avoiding costly business mistakes and learning new tactics to grow your business – priceless! The Beringer Group of professionals have been there & done it and only have your goals in mind