Since 2003 I have helped hundreds of small businesses

At the age of 47 I decided to semi-retire and focus on creating my legacy. That being “To leave my footprint on as many businesses as possible without seeking any credit”.

Since 2003 I have helped hundreds of businesses throughout the region in 50 different industries and I still continue to build that legacy today. My consulting projects can range from 5 hours to 70 hours with some covering a span of 18 months or longer depending on the needs. Our staffing solutions are customized are your unique needs. 

  • 25+ years of Business growth & Staffing exp.
  • Flexible around your schedule & budget
  • Our goal is to create Raving Fans! 

Getting solid & trusted advice when you need it can be critical to your success, let’s chat soon. Click here or contact Steve directly at 440-552-6599 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..