With so much information on line today, a new generation of “interviewees” has emerged. This generation can be highly knowledgeable about how to influence and interview, their skills can often supersede the interviewers.

That makes it harder to get to the truth. Is it an act or is it the truth? A whole new dilemma.

There is one tactic that “no one” can prepare for and that is “Spontaneity”! Another term could be ad-lib.

By going off course from the norm with your questions you will see or hear things closer to the truth.  By peppering in certain questions, hopefully what you see or hear will not be an act.

Some examples to consider:

1. Once in a while I would ask someone to stand vs sit during the interview

2. I often created and presented a scenario and asked the person how they would handle that

3. In between all of that I would pepper in questions like: What are your top 3 strengths as they relate to this job; or why should I hire you vs ….

Remember, no matter how hard people try to analyze and create measureable metrics for people, we always surprise them.

When hiring someone, surprises are not good. By adding some Spontaneity or ad-libbing, you will increase your odds of achieving “no surprises”. 

Good Luck and good interviewing. 

Steven J. Krisfalusy is a serial entrepreneur who has decades of expertise in Business Growth, O.D. and People Development in a vast array of Industries, especially the small- to mid-range markets. Currently the Managing Partner / Sr. Consultant of the Beringer Group LLC. A People & Business Coaching -Consulting firm in the Midwest. 440-552-6599 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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