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Help My Business Grow

An Ordinary guy who did some extra ordinary things! Been there done it! 

I embraced many of my core values & philosophies from my dad who was an Ellis Island immigrant. With a diverse blue collar background and working with global executives, I am able to solve problems & communicate with all levels of people comfortably.  From Board rooms to skilled tradesmen to farmers, mutual respect is the driving core value.

Over a 20+ year span, my desire and passion drove this ordinary guy to eventually start – grow and manage 20 corporations. 8 were in the field of Human Capital; between 95’ & 2000’ I was the CEO of 5 corporations simultaneously; growing one business from $0 - $21M in 5 years with an overall annual revenue of $32M and 250 people throughout the Midwest.  

Having been there and done it, I bring advanced knowledge & proven tactics to small business owners who need some help to achieve the next level. That value is enhanced by affordable rates and with the intention of working myself out of a job.  Helping our small business community and good people is the legacy we are building. 

Will you be the next chapter of success in this legacy story? Click here to find out how to get started.


A few business problems I have solved for companies ranging from $3M - $27M

I have worked with small businesses all over the Midwest & SE Region of the USA

Since 2003 I have helped hundreds of small businesses

If You Value The Benefits Of A Seasoned Adviser

Human Resource - Human Capital Support Package

An Affordable Holistic Review!

Owner / Entrepreneur Coaching Support Package

We help you custom design your personal Advisory Board.